classic impreza

This 'classic' Turbo 2000 was my first Impreza and the first car I bought that wasn't purely about getting my family from A to B. I bought it just after the 'bugeye' New Age was released; I wasn't that fussed by the new car's appearance but certainly wasn't happy about it gaining 200kgs over the classic without a hike in power to compensate. So I searched around the dealers for a new classic and eventually tracked this one down.

Some Details

MY00 in Red Mica registered in September 2000. Bought as an ex-demonstrator from a dealer in Lincolnshire with just 600 miles on the clock (most put on by me over two lengthy test drives). Prodrive Performance Pack added after 12000 miles, installed by Prodrive at their Banbury facility. Pagid brake kit installed by ScoobySport. Other than that, totally original and totally brilliant; a real 'Wednesday-morning' car. Ran it up against a friend's P1 (the one originally owned by Richard Burns) and it had no trouble in holding it's own.

Some Numbers

The same friend with the P1 brought along his RaceLogic computer and we took the car out for a spin. I won't bore you with all the G figures but we managed to record a 0-60 time of 5.05s (with me driving...) and measured it at 265bhp.