I am a technologist whose passion is working closely with the people that get value from good software; from the end users to the CxOs who need the systems to run their business. My particular area of expertise and interest is e-commerce - where the success of the technology directly affects the bottom line - although I have a broad range of experience including Financial systems, Intranets and Extranets, Content and Product Management systems, CRM and Online Marketing. I have been successfully delivering technical strategy and technology for over 15 years and believe firmly that strategy must guide technology delivery and, equally, that hands-on, practical delivery experience must influence strategic direction. I was a key technical advisor to during the period of their IPO, I was the chief architect and technical lead for Philips' Global Internet Platform Programme and I have worked extensively with Vodafone in Europe on both e-commerce system delivery and e-commerce strategy, to highlight a few engagements.

I firmly believe that Agile approaches to project management and development are key to successfully delivering valuable software. I was one of Agile development's pioneers and early evangelists (I ran the first XP project in the UK and led the first public workshop on XP in the late '90s) and have successfully run Agile projects in blue-chip corporations as well as much smaller organisations, for long running projects and with large and off-shore teams.

I'm an experienced business manager and CTO/Technical Director. I have founded and run two businesses since 1999 (I recently left e2x limited), both of which required me to work closely with, and actively participate in, sales, operations and account management. I'm a well-known speaker at and chair of several international conferences and Wiley and Sons published my book on Internet system architecture in 2004 (see below). I have a PhD in Software Engineering for which I was examined by Grady Booch; the driving force behind RUP and UML.

My Book

A few years ago Andy Longshaw and I wrote a boot on software architecture for Internet technology systems and I continue to be interested in how Software Architecture is practiced, especially in the context of an Agile Development project and the growing influence of SaaS and cloud-based systems.